More hotels being converted into seniors housing

If you’ve ever visited a retirement home or assisted living community, you may have thought how much it looks like a hotel, with a large dining room, front desk, games room, and maybe even a swimming pool.

Increasing numbers of hotels are being turned into senior housing communities, reflecting a rapid growth among North America’s senior population.

According to a recent article in the Ottawa Business Journal, more motels and hotels are being converted into retirement homes and assisted living facilities.

“When we look at similarities, both establishment (types) share a general manager, chef, servers, reception ... both have sales departments, and activities is very important,” said Steve Georgopoulos, a former manager of the Minto Suites Hotel in downtown Ottawa.

Georgopoulos added that employees in both industries need to show a degree of empathy and concern for their residents.

Although there is a natural fit for hotels to be converted into seniors housing, some small changes do need to be made.

According to the news source, when a hotel becomes a retirement home, the doorways often have to be expanded in order to accommodate the space needed for two wheelchairs to pass through, and hotel rooms often have to be customized to meet the demands of an aging resident.