Low levels of vitamin B12 may lead to cognitive impairments

Low levels of vitamin B12 may lead to cognitive problemsA new study published in the most recent issue of Neurology discovered that there may be a link between low levels of vitamin B12 in seniors and cognitive problems.

The researchers studied 121 people in the Chicago area and found that those who were deemed to have low levels of the vitamin also scored low on memory and cognitive tests. However, the researchers still feel that there is a lot more that needs to be done to establish this correlation.

"Our findings definitely deserve further examination," said lead author Dr. Christine C. Tangney, associate professor in the department of clinical nutrition at Rush University Medical Center. "It's too early to say whether increasing vitamin B12 levels in older people through diet or supplements could prevent these problems, but it is an interesting question to explore. Findings from a British trial with B vitamin supplementation are also supportive of these outcomes."

The seniors who are looking to keep up with their active lifestyle well into their golden years should think about adding fish, meat, eggs and poultry to their diet to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency.