Low-income seniors get early Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving in the United States is this Thursday, November 24. For many seniors living in assisted living communities and retirement homes, they spend the day with close friends and family members. Many seniors, however, especially those who struggle with little, do not always have the opportunity to have a thanksgiving meal with friends.

But according to a recent article on KVNONews.com, one group of low-income seniors got an early Thanksgiving dinner this year - one they may not have had otherwise. About 30 high school students from Omaha, Nebraska teamed up to make a special meal for them.

More than two dozen seniors gathered at the Adams Park Community Center to enjoy the early Thanksgiving meal last week, which included ham, bread rolls, green beans, potatoes and dessert.

“When I first got here my challenge was to sit by people that I didn’t know,” 17 year-old Alicia Johnson, one of the volunteers, told the news source. “I was kind of afraid because I’m not a talkative person. But, then it started getting easier and I started talking to them, and I was watching them play dominoes, and I’ve got used to them, and they are very sweet.”

Johnson told the media outlet that the volunteers spent three days preparing the food. She helped make the dessert.