How seniors can get lower cholesterol

One of the keys to a long life is a healthy lifestyle, and that includes physical exercise, as well as a nutritious diet. But one of the biggest challenges many seniors face is high cholesterol, and high cholesterol increases a person’s risk of stroke and heart disease.

So for Baby Boomers and seniors who want to live healthier lifestyles, lowering cholesterol is one of the ways to do it. As reported recently by, here are eight foods which help lower cholesterol:

1/ Avocados- These fruits contain oleic acid, and are also high in fiber.

2/ Lentils- The high concentration of fiber in lentils helps expel cholesterol from your body.

3/ Edamame- Also high in fiber, edamame beans are also packed with protein.

4/ Nuts- Full of unsaturated fat, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans and almonds can help with cholesterol.

5/ Olive Oil- Also featuring unsaturated fats, a moderate daily amount of olive oil can decrease heart disease risk.

6/ Pears- One pear, says AARP, provides nearly one-sixth of your daily fiber suggested intake.

7/ Tea- Both black and green teas are good for your heart.

8/ Tomatoes- Anything from tomato juice to extra tomato sauce can be used to lower cholesterol in your body.

These healthy foods can be found in grocery stores and in assisted living communities around the world, so make sure to eat healthy whenever possible.