Hot Topics in Healthcare: A Look at What Many Organizations Are Focusing On

Perhaps more so than any other industry, healthcare is currently chock full of change and reform. The Affordable Healthcare Act is certainly top of mind, but other topics hold equal attention and are high on the priority list for the industry.


Here’s a look at some topics and priorities several healthcare organizations are focusing on as we press on into 2013:

. Creating and sustaining engagement.

Engaging patients in ongoing dialogue provides several tangible benefits, including enhanced efficiency and patient empowerment. For example, pointing patients toward your website where they can view helpful information and complete downloadable can decrease wait times and increase customer satisfaction.

. Knowing what data you need and learning how to understanding it.

You may have access to plenty of data, but do you know how to analyze it and moreover, use it in a way that improves operations? What data to look at and how maximize it to improve revenue stream is a critical task. Consider retaining expert advice on how you can build reports that actually make sense and allow you to effectively move forward with the data you have.

. Understanding payment reform and ACOs.

Payment reform is now a reality for most healthcare organizations. The ACO model bundles payments to the hospital who will then distribute to surgeons and other providers. Several healthcare organizations have devoted full-time staff members to the nuances of analyzing these payments and negotiating how they are distributed.

There are several other hot topics and priorities healthcare companies will face as we move on in the year, but placing a sharp focus on these items is certainly a smart and strategic move.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
—Theodore Roosevelt