Hip fractures in women may cause short-term mortality

Hip fractures can increase risk of short-term mortalityA new study found that there is an increased risk of short-term mortality in elderly women who have recently experienced hip fractures. The researchers decided study on this link because it was previously believed that the result of death after a hip fracture was due to other health problems.

"Such methodological limitations have made it difficult to determine whether the noted increase in mortality after hip fracture is the result of underlying poor health or the hip fracture itself," the authors stated.

The researchers studied three different age groups of women over the age of 65, and they followed them for an average of 4.1 years and determined if they were negatively affected by hip fractures. They also followed a control group for comparison.

However, the research did indicate that the participants who endured hip fractures were twice as likely to have short-term morality one year after the fracture than the control group.

The researchers concluded that it is imperative that preventative measures be put in place so a senior can continue their active lifestyle during their retirement years without fearing the repercussions of a hip fracture.