Guideline shows prevention methods to avoid blood clots

How to avoid blood clots post knee surgeryMore than 800,000 Americans undergo a knee or hip replacement surgery each year, and one of the most common complications post-surgery is blood clots. A recent guideline issued by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons looked at these clots and found ways for people to avoid them from happening after surgery.

"After looking at all available scientific research evidence, in a rigorous fashion to minimize bias, we made recommendations that can help guide practitioners in the safest and most effective ways to prevent this potentially serious complication," said Dr. Joshua Jacobs of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

The researchers concluded that before undergoing the surgery, patients should avoid antiplatelet medications or blood thinners, but then go back on these medications after the surgery's completion. Also, patients should try to walk around as soon as they possibly can, as mobility can help prevent clots as well.

Seniors who are looking to keep up their active lifestyle throughout their golden years may want to take some of the precautions into account if they do need to undergo knee or hip surgery.