Cottage community welcomes new retirement home

A new retirement living community is being built in a fairly unusual place, just north of Toronto, Canada. According to a recent article on, the cottage community of Bracebridge will soon be welcoming a 56-bed retirement community, and will be called Castle Peak Retirement Residence.

The new community is scheduled to open in early March, and the two developers of the new community told the news source that Castle Peak will provide comfort to the seniors who will be moving in, as it will feature a bistro restaurant, a salon, chef, shuffleboard, as well as a common living room for socializing.

But the benefits of the new addition to Bracebridge will not just be for the seniors moving in: the local community will see a boost in jobs.

“It’s going to create upwards of 30 jobs, between kitchen staff, personal support workers, nursing and housekeeping,” Carlie Willford, administrator of the project, told the media outlet. Even before it opens, the construction efforts will have a positive impact on the town’s economy.

Bracebridge is a town of 15,000 people about 115 miles north of Toronto. It is in the middle of a region known as ‘Cottage Country,’ with many lakes, parks and cottages.