Boomers look to iPhone app to remind them of daily tasks

New iPhone application allows baby boomers to check off daily tasksBaby boomers are downloading and purchasing the new It's Done! application on their iPhones and iPads to help them remember all of the things they need to do each day. As people age, it is common for them to forget to lock the doors or turn off the stove after cooking. This application has these tasks listed plus much more. Once completed, the boomer just has to check it off.

It has been receiving good reviews thus far.

"I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for an application just like this one. I have seen it in my mind many times and now it's a reality," said one user.

This can also be helpful to caregivers, as they are able to access this application and see if their loved one who is living nearby or at an independent living community is not forgetting something of importance. They will get a quick email or text message notifying them that their aging parent locked the doors or took their medications. Therefore, both the caregiver and the one they are looking after does not need to worry.