Baby boomers to shop around before choosing healthcare plan

Baby boomers need to shop around before choosing healthcare planAs the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, many retirement living financial and health plans are expected to change, and these individuals have to keep these changes in mind each year. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) recently shared the results of a survey and determined that seniors need to shop around before they commit to a healthcare plan, as they may be able to save more money than they thought.

"In this economy, many seniors are justifiably worried about their financial future," said Jim Firman, president and CEO of NCOA. "When it comes to Medicare costs, now is the time they can do something about it. Research your options and apply for available extra benefits. You'll be surprised how much money you can actually save."

Nearly 46 percent of respondents have never looked around for better Medicare benefits, the survey showed. It also indicated that many seniors were unaware of additional benefits where they are able to save money. In addition, the majority of respondents didn't even know that they could save money.