Baby boomers seeking divorce

Baby boomers looking to find independenceThe massive generation of baby boomers are said to be changing the face of retirement living. A new report states that these individuals are also looking at divorce after 30- and 40-year marriages. These boomers realize that they want a different life during their golden years, and are seeking fulfillment, freedom and self-identity.

Many baby boomers have different ideals for their retirement than the generation before them, and even if they do not choose to get a divorce, many are pursuing their dreams independently or with family and friends. Also, many boomers are not planning on hanging up their hat in all of the activities they participated in before retirement. On the contrary, they plan to keep up with their active lifestyles well into their retirement.

Those who have no inclination to sever ties with their spouse may still want to change it up when it comes to their golden years. Many should look into retirement living communities as they come equipped with everything that seniors may need - fitness centers, shopping areas, grocery store and a health center - all in one place. In addition, they will also be surrounded by their peers.