Baby boomers opting for new careers instead of retirement

Baby boomers switching careers late in lifeOne of the many new baby boomer trends includes finding a new career in middle age. A study conducted by Metlife Foundation/Civic Ventures found that there are approximately 9 million Americans aged 44 to 70 who have switched jobs, and that number is only expected to increase, according to The Huffington Post.

The study also showed that as many as 31 million more people are considering joining this group. This is not only the result of a worsened economy that instilled fear in many that they will not have enough savings to retire, but it is also due to a desire to keep up with their active lifestyle well into their golden years, the media outlet reports.

It isn't just switching careers that is changing in the baby boomer generation. There has also been a difference within gender and retirement plans. A new study conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that full-time female workers are participating in more retirement living planning and preparations than their male counterparts, Pensions & Investments reports.