Arizona seniors make tamales for charity

Tamales are a popular dish from central America, made from corn-based dough and is typically stuffed with meats, fruits, cheeses, or vegetables.

And this week, a group of seniors in Avondale, Arizona is whipping up more than a hundred tamales to sell and raise money for local senior programs.

As reported in The Arizona Republic newspaper, proceeds from the sale of the tamales will go to The Avondale Community Center, which offers programs and events to the area’s older residents.

“This funds some of the activities at the center that the city doesn't have money in the budget for,” Avondale’s recreation coordinator Frances McCoy told the newspaper. It provides entertainers at parties. We pay for instructors to come in for classes.”

An estimated 50 to 60 seniors visit the Avondale Community Center on a daily basis.

The tamales are being prepared by a group of more than two dozen volunteers, who will take thick dough called masa and spread it on corn husks, which is then stuffed with either beef or pork, which will then be served.

If you live in the Avondale area – perhaps at a local Arizona assisted living community – and you would like to order some tamales, you can order the tamales by calling the community center at 623-333-2401.