Arizona Seniors Discover Joys of Healthy Eating

Many people feel good health means giving up on the pleasures of life, especially tasty food. Healthy food is often equated with 'bland'. So it's hard to stay motivated, to stay on a regime that robs pleasure from older people.

Carlos Ochoa, executive chef at Arizona Western College, says it's not so. He told “If you substitute fresh herbs and spices, it helps food taste a lot better and makes your heart healthy. And you can have fun in the kitchen." He recommends, "Using fresh ingredients, grown locally, really makes for fresh foods.”

Ochoa has shed 50 pounds by eating healthy, smaller portions and exercising. He gives cooking demonstrations at the Yuma Regional Medical Center's Silver Care. A recent event pulled in more than a 100 senior citizens to the Yuma Regional Corporate Center to participate in a free, health-related program, that includes stress management, dietary fats and diet and exercise.

Medical Health Center member, Susan Lukenbill, visiting from Washington, said she is astounded by the health bits she learns at program events. She told the media source: “They find the best speakers. I always pick up something new.”

Rebecca Larson, a community relations specialist told “It's a great opportunity to work with those over 55, get them active about their health.” She added: “The walking program motivates members to move around and we present topics they're interested in.”

In the end, good health doesn't equate with bland, it can be fun!

Proper food preparation and dining is one of the most important considerations for residents in Assisted Living  and  Continuing Care  residences.