Are you afraid to climb the ladder?


I recently heard about a research study that blew my mind.

Five chimps were put in a room with only a ladder leaned against the wall. Every time a chimp started to climb the ladder, the researchers blasted the OTHER chimps with a strong spray of ice cold water.

Before long, the chimps began to violently beat any chimp who attempted to climb on the ladder -  even before the researchers sprayed them with the cold water.

One by one, the researchers began replacing the chimps, but the beatings by chimps continued every time one tried to climb the ladder. The new chimps quickly learned the drill. Eventually, there were none of the original chimps remaining and no ice cold water blasts, but the violent beatings continued for any chimp who attempted to climb the ladder. None of those chimps had ever seen or experienced icy cold water blasts.

What a dramatic example of the power of learned behavior! And what a reminder to question “why” you’re doing certain activities.

Are you afraid to climb your ladder because of limiting beliefs that don’t even really exist? Are you punishing others (your kids, spouse or employees) for trying to climb that ladder without any justification?

What is your ladder? Is it a goal that you’ve already determined is unattainable? Is it those 40 pounds you’ve wanted to lose for 10 years? Is it a sales quota ceiling you can’t seem to get beyond? Is it a financial goal you think is impossible? Is it a building you’ve been told you can’t fill?

What if I told you that there’s a very high probability that the limiting beliefs you have aren’t even true? What if I told you there would be no icy cold water blasts for trying?

We all struggle with limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. Those who are successful have learned to entangle themselves from the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that hold others back.

Here’s how I deal with mine. I take a deep breath and relax (because your mind can’t be free to create ideas and solutions as long as you are constricted). Then I ask myself the question, “what would it look like if…” For example, “what would it look like if I ate the way I needed to in order to lose weight?” Or “what would it look like if I did the activities it would take to meet that sales quota…or financial goal?” “What would have to happen to fill this building?” You get the idea.


So here’s your homework. Answer these 3 questions:

  • Question WHY you are doing certain activities. Don’t blindly follow learned behaviors…just because.
  • Identify your ladders. What are you afraid to tackle and what are the limiting beliefs holding you back?
  • Take a deep breath and ask yourself “what would it look like if…”

That’s the exact process we took (and continue to take) with Occupancy Advantage. We got tired of people saying this or that “can’t be done”. We asked what we called “the magic question” over and over again, “if senior sales, marketing, follow up and tracking was perfect, effective and productive, what would it look like?” We threw out all the preconceived notions of what had been done before and set out to build a senior living sales, marketing and follow up solution void of limitations.

I’m pleased to credit our Clients, Prospects and community feedback as being the reason Occupancy Advantage is the fastest growing senior living sales and marketing automation solution.

I challenge you to tackle your ladders too! I’m willing to bet that you’ll find your limiting beliefs aren’t real and you will succeed.
Here’s to your success!