Adults change preferences as they age

Elderly people change their preferences on treatment as they ageAs people age, a study shows that they change their minds frequently about what type of life-sustaining treatment they would like if they need it later on. The researchers believe that physicians need to ask seniors regularly if they would like to change their preferences.

There is a lot that contributes to people changing their minds about the types of treatment they would like, including depression, mobility, care dependency and health status.

"Our findings have given us a key insight into how patients' preferences change regarding life-sustaining treatments," said Dr. Daisy Janssen, lead author of the study. "We suggest that regular re-evaluation of advance care planning is necessary when patients experience a change in health status, mobility, symptoms of anxiety and depression or marital status."

Adults entering retirement also may want to start thinking about where they would like to spend their golden years. There are many hot spots for retirement living communities across the country where seniors can be around friends and access emergency services at a moment's notice if they need to.