4 Ways To Get Raving Reviews of Your Community

RaveWith all the latest advancements in technology and the internet, one thing remains constant. The fundamentals of establishing authority in your market have not changed. But the way seniors and adult children share their experience with a local company has changed.

Prospects are turning to reviews in the early stages of their research. This is extremely valuable to senior living communities and care companies.

The decision to move into a senior living community is local and emotional. Seeing local business reviews beforehand helps prospects make an easier decision to narrow down a few communities to focus their research on.

One of the most important actions you can take online is to increase the amount of reviews of your community that show up in the local search results for your market. Below are four ways for your community to get raving reviews in just a few weeks time.

1. Hold A Quarterly Contest – Give away an iPad or visa gift card. Tell people you’re having a contest and all they have to do is leave a review of your community. You can send out an email, post flyers around the community, and have them leave these reviews. You’ll be surprised what people will do to get an iPad or visa gift card these days. This is quick and easy to setup and can result in a large number of reviews in 2-4 months.

2. Ask New Residents Visitors And Guests – ask new residents as they come aboard. The decision to move to a community has been a big decision for the adult children and the seniors. They have done a lot of research and put a lot of time into their decision to move to your community. Capture this moment and energy by having them post a review for you.

3. Include A Call To Action In Email Signature – Have a line in your email signature to the effect of, “Please leave a review of our community on (review site)”. If you do this yourself, every time you communicate with people you have the chance to get a review of interested people. If the entire corporation embraces this, you are going to get much more exposure and chances of getting positive reviews from not only customers and prospects, but from vendors who communicate with the business on a daily basis.

4. Activities And Events – It’s easy enough to ask for reviews at an event these days. People are having fun and this is a great moment to capture in a review.

I've had numerous conversations with many owners and executives who are paralyzed to take action because they’re afraid of receiving negative reviews.


With online reviews, the best defense is a strong offense. You can’t please everyone and occasionally a disgruntled person goes to the internet to leave a negative review. If your profile is empty and a negative review is the only review, then that review is going to stand out like a sore thumb. However, a profile loaded with positive reviews overpowers the small amount of negative reviews.

Tooting your own horn is hard for many people and businesses. Nonetheless, we live in an age where we can now let our happy customers toot our horn louder than ever before. Embrace the change and go get some positive reviews.

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