10 Foods to Splurge on in Tough Times

Thanks to inflation, groceries are more expensive today than they used to be, and for many people, that causes a budget pinch when the same amount of money needs to go further. But as reported recently by AARP, with some grocery items, the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Instead, make sure to find the best quality with these 10 foods, not just the best price.

1/ Apples- AARP reported that 98 per cent of grocery store apples contain pesticides, so it’s worth considering organic or other options.

2/ Salmon- Wild salmon is more expensive than farmed salmon, but typically contains less preservatives.

3/ Milk- Organic milk ensures that the cows did not have antibiotics in them.

4/ Ground beef- According to AARP, about 70 per cent of American ground beef contains scraps of assorted meat which have been used to fill ‘gaps.’ It’s not illegal, but it may not be your best choice.

5/ Canned tomatoes- Canned tomatoes contain the organic compound bisphenol-A, so it’s best to go natural with tomatoes.

6/ Chicken- It’s not hard to find chickens with salmonella, but it’s much rarer in organic birds than the alternatives, AARP says.

7/ Celery- Some surveys found 96 per cent of salary samples contained pesticides, so consider organic here again.

8/ Fast-food sushi- Common in grocery stores, this is often affordable, but the content can be made up of various fish and fish parts, and if only one is infected, it can infect the entire batch.

9/ Peaches- High up on the pesticide list, most peaches can contain dozens of different chemicals.

10/ Eating local- Buying locally-grown food may mean it has fewer preservatives because it didn’t need to be shipped long distances.

For those living in assisted living communities, it’s still worth asking the cooks whether they can make any changes to the menu to make it even healthier.