Elder Abuse

Top tips for preventing elder abuse

This week is Elder Abuse Awareness Week around the world, and RetirementHomes.com is producing a series of articles to help educate the general public about this form of abuse.

Yesterday, RetirementHomes.com published an article about the top warning signs of elder abuse that loved ones can watch out for. But before that happens, are there ways to prevent, or at least reduce the odds of elder abuse happening to yourself, or to a family member?

Does this video show elder abuse?

A new video purporting to show elder abuse is making the rounds online. As reported by OCWeekly.com, the video was posted to YouTube in December, 2012, and has since garnered nearly 150,000 views. It shows an elderly, wheelchair-bound woman being helped into a car by a man, seemingly her son, at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Sam Wilson, who filmed the video, wrote in the video description that the elderly woman has been seen at the UCI Town Center in Irvine, California on a regular basis for the last six years, begging for money and claiming to be homeless.