Caregivers take precautions while traveling with aging loved one

Caregivers need to take precautions before traveling with their aging loved onesTraveling can be stressful, and that stress is often compound for caregivers who are traveling with an aging adult. According to the New York Times, there are a couple of precautions that caregivers should take to ensure that their vacation goes smoothly.

Caregivers should make sure to take the right medications along on the trip, and bring extra.

"I can't tell you how many calls I get," Barbara Resnick, president of American Geriatrics Society, told the news source. "'I forgot this med, I lost this med, I don't have enough of this med, I'm staying longer.' So it's bringing not just that week's supply, but bringing extras."

In addition, it is also advisable to put the caregiver's name and phone number on a bracelet for the senior to wear. This way, if they get separated, they are able to contact their caregivers right away.

According to AARP, just because a senior isn't in the same shape as they were when they were in their 20s, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy a good vacation and be able to continue their active lifestyle. As long as these precautions are met, the whole family may enjoy getting away for a bit.