Caregivers should find local resources if they need help

Caregiver needs to find resource for their own healthFamily caregivers have a great deal on their plate, and many begin to feel depressed, overwhelmed and stressed out. It is imperative that caregivers, who now make up nearly one in five adults in the U.S., seek resources in order to lessen the burden and be able to care for their loved one properly.

This is especially true in areas that have a higher population of aging adults. Tampa Bay, Florida, currently has nearly 1 million caregivers. A radio station has recently developed an hour-long talk show once a week for caregivers to seek advice, tell stories or find where they can get assistance.

In addition, National Fall Prevention Week is coming up, and many seniors can be seriously injured by a fall. Some caregivers may want to think about moving their loved one to a retirement living community. This can give both the senior, who can live safely among peers, and the family caregiver, who knows that their loved one can reach help quickly, some peace of mind.