New medicine techniques get active seniors back in the game

New advancements help seniors get back to their livesIt is reported that baby boomers will be changing the idea of retirement living as they reach their golden years. However, accidents can happen that derail even the most active adults. New advancements in medicine are helping aging adults get back into their active lifestyles quicker, according to the East Valley Tribune.

Doctors and physical therapists see patients of all ages with similar injuries, including Achilles tendon ruptures and tennis elbow, which are both popular among seniors. Now, they are able to treat these patients and get them back in their game faster than before.

"I've had retired professionals, high school and college athletes, but the injuries are all usually the same or similar," Eric Percy-Fine, a physical therapist, told the news source. "The key to treatment is to make sure to treat the whole limb or body with as much motion as possible along with control, balance and strength."

According to the Standard-Examiner, baby boomers are expecting to keep up with their active lifestyles during their golden years. As a result, the market for joint replacements has boosted, and will likely continue be in demand as these boomers age.