How to develop a caregiver agreement

Develop a caregiving agreement with loved oneCaregivers have a great deal on their plate, especially those of the sandwich generation, who are looking after both their children and their aging parents. However, by outlining a caregiving agreement, they are making their lives easier in the long run, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The steps to making this agreement involve both the caregiver and the loved one they are looking after. It is important to incorporate ideas from both parties to make the process as easy as possible. This plan should also be in written form so that it is always accessible, according to the news source.

It is imperative that caregivers give themselves a break, which can ensure they will give the best possible care and won't get worn out, the media outlet reports.

According to, approximately 40 percent of adults who are over 65 years old will eventually need some time of long term care. It may be important for seniors to seek out a retirement living community in order to find the perfect place to spend their golden years. This way, they do not have to rely on their family but rather live independently in a community with their peers.