New retirement age for baby boomers

New activities for baby boomers reaching retirementRetirement living will never be the same, as baby boomers are expected to change how people spend their golden years. According to the North Canton Patch, facilities around North Canton, Ohio, have recently developed programs for aging baby boomers as they reach retirement.

Some of these activities include art classes, gym and nutrition tips, classes to help start a new career and resources to help find the perfect retirement living community in the area. Boomers are expected to keep up with their active lifestyles well into their golden years, the media outlet reports.

According to the Los Angeles Times, baby boomers are even taking their inheritance in a different direction than their parents. In a recent survey by the investment firm U.S. Trust, which polled millionaires across the country, 49 percent said that they planned on leaving money to their children after they pass. Others are attempting to spend all their money on themselves during their golden years.

"My goal is when they carry me away in that box that my bank account is going to say zero," Carol Willison told the news source. "I'm going to spoil myself now."