Having the "talk" with aging parents

Families need to talk about parent's futureIndividuals who are watching their parents age eventually have to start asking the tough questiosn, because if they wait too long, they may not know exactly what their loved one wants, according to the Chicago Tribune.

As parents age, there are a number of questions that need to be answered, but many avoid them until it is too late. Some of these questions can be tough to answer, and even to ask. What types of insurance do you have? Are your legal documents current, such as medical and financial powers of attorney? Do you have a will? All of these need to be talked about, as family members are able to be proactive instead of reactive, according to the news source.

Everyone has a different relationship with their parents, and if someone feels as if they can't ask these tough questions, there are ways to still get the answers. By asking a close family friend, clergy member or doctor to step in and have this conversation, it could make for an easy way to get the dialog going, the media outlet reports.

According to Caring.com, there are currently more than 70 million caregivers who provide home care to loved ones. It is important that this is talked about before it happens.