Only 15 minutes of exercise extends your life

Many of us wonder how some people live well past 100 years old, whether they are living in an assisted living comunity or are still independent, and what helped them reach such an age.

A new study suggests that even the smallest bit of exercise might have helped them get there. New research says it might be enough to exercise even less than the commonly-assumed 30 minutes per day.

According to a report in the Associated Press, a group of researchers in Taiwan say 15 minutes per day of modest physical activity can help people live longer. The study said those who managed to have that much exercise every day extended their lives by an average of three years.

Knowing that only 15 minutes every day may be enough “may convince many individuals that they are able to incorporate physical activity into their busy lives,” Dr. Anil Nigam of the University of Montreal told the news source.

The article also said that for people who have trouble finding even 15 minutes of time at once, they can break up their physical activity into 10-minute increments throughout the day, so they can exercise when it is a convenient time for them.

“As inactive persons start moving, they may very well find that they become more fit,” another researcher, I-Min Lee of Harvard University, told the media outlet.

No matter how much exercise is required, the message is clear: to ensure a long life and many years of enjoyment in retirement living, staying active is essential.