Caregivers forced to make tough decisions while Hurricane Irene approached

What to do when caregiving and a storm is on the wayAs Hurricane Irene started barrelling up and down the East Coast, many caregivers who provide home care to loved ones had to make some tough decisions, including should they stay in their houses and ride out the storm or should they leave and seek an alternative shelter, according to ABC News.

Ted Martini was one of these caregivers, as he looks after his mother Joan and lives in North Carolina. Since he wasn't in the evacuation zone he decided to stay put, and keep his mother in familiar surroundings, according to the news source.

However, there are resources for caregivers to utilize if this situation were to arise again. Martini was in constant contact with other caregivers from, and they notified him on the latest details about the storm when he lost power. His decision to stay proved to be correct, but this kind of situation is still unnerving for many, the media outlet reports.

There are also many caregivers who look after their aging parents from a distance. According to the U.S. & World Report, those who live hundreds of miles away need to ensure that they are in constant contact with their doctors or skilled nurses and maybe even have someone to go in and check on their loved one regularly.