Seniors compete in 55+ games

Every two years, more than a billion people worldwide tune into the Olympics, watching their favorite sport, and cheering on their home country’s team. The Olympics are a symbol for many of perseverance, hope, and determination.

Earlier this month, nearly three thousand seniors in British Columbia participated in the annual BC Senior Games, according to a recent article in the Barriere Star Journal, and many who competed say they felt tremendous enjoyment from the event.

The games were open to any senior over the age of 55, including those who live in assisted living communities.

“I was amazed to see that we have so many active and healthy seniors in B.C. who demonstrated that many 55 and older citizens are still full of enthusiasm and energy," Barb Denton, one of the participants, told the news source.

The games, which took place from Aug 16-Aug 20 in West Kootenay, British Columbia, featured a variety of sports where seniors who won each competition moved on to the next round, and those who made it to the very end were awarded with gold, silver or bronze medals.

During the games, there were also many social events aimed at helping the seniors socialize, including local sightseeing, as well as a dinner reception with entertainment by an Elvis impersonator, and a rock and roll dance party.

Next year’s BC Senior Games are set to be played in the province’s Lower Mainland.