Seniors race in Soap Box Derby

Nothing says summertime quite like the Soap Box Derby. Started in 1934, and is often portrayed in movies and television as a rite of passage for teenagers.

But this past week in Akron, Ohio, site of the very first Derby 77 years ago, a group of seniors took turns driving their boxcars down the fabled Derby Downs Track, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Many of the seniors, some who live in assisted living communities in the area, said they never got the chance to race boxcars during their youth, but that they were glad to have the opportunity later in life.

"I finally got my dream. I didn't realize it would be so fast. It was a lot of fun. My gosh,” one participant, 80 year-old Dom Stillo, told the news source.

Each racer was charged $5 for the program, with the proceeds going to local charities. Many of the racers told the media outlet that while they may have looked forward to the race for decades, when it came time to ride the cars, they were still hesitant.

“If I see somebody crash, I don't know if I want to go,” 82 year-old Rose Moscos said, while her friend, 86 year-old Mary Devol, wondered the same thing aloud. Still, as the newspaper recorded, both women raced – but only Devol won.