Great-grandmother wins fishing competition at age 93

Lenore Groundwater doesn’t act like what most people would expect a resident of an assisted living community might expect.

Groundwater, a 93 year-old great-grandmother, has been crowned as Alaska’s newest fishing champion after catching a 16 pound fish in Port Valdez, Alaska.

Groundwater, who lives in an assisted living community in Arizona, and traveled to Alaska for the competition, beat nearly 800 others to win the $1,000 reward, according to the Bellingham Herald.

At a ceremony last Saturday hosted by a local radio station, she was given the award and a silver tiara in front of 500 guests.

“Somebody called me a silver belle,” she told the news source.

Despite the impressive win, this was not Groundwater’s biggest prize. In 2006, she won $15,000 after netting a fish weighing almost 19 pounds. And even with all the fishing she does, and catching huge fish, she told the media outlet that her age was actually an asset in helping her to win.

"See, I have a hard time getting up, so my muscles in my arms are quite strong," she told the media outlet. "If you get into a low chair at this age, you need power to get up."