Retired Seniors Attend Granddaughter’s Wedding through Skype

Mickey and Magda Quittner, an 86-year-old retired couple from Saratoga, FL, attended the Colorado wedding of their granddaughter through the web conferencing tool, Skype.

The Quittners, residents of Kobernick-Anchin – a community for independent living and assisted living – were advised from making the wedding trip for grand daughter, Michelle, in Breckinridge, CO. The popular ski villa possesses an altitude of over 9,600 feet.

After the Executive Director of Kobernick warned the Quittners that the trip could harm their health, an IT-adept staffer set up the Skype connection. Magda, who had never used a computer, told the SarosotaPatch - “It’s unbelievable. Who would think that this could happen?”

Husband Mickey, told the media source - “A week ago, I couldn’t believe this would happen. Two days ago, I couldn’t believe it would happen. Today it’s happening and I still have a hard time believing it.”

The Quittners were joined by fellow residents at a reception at the Kobernick-Anchin, an assisted living facility sponsored by the Sarasota Manatee Jewish Housing Council. The congratulatory chorus of 'Mazel Tov' chimed in when the nuptial pledges appeared from 2,000 miles away through Skype.

Skype's technological breakthrough is the latest twist in a long journey for the Quittners who escaped World War II, eventually settled in New York for almost two decades, and then retired to Florida.

Magda told the media source: “I am just so happy for them and so thankful that I could be here for this.”