74-year-old woman inducted into senior softball hall of fame

74-year-old woman to be inducted into senior softball hall of fameHelen Boyd of Micco, Florida, has been playing softball her whole life, and now the 74-year-old pitcher will be inducted into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame in Mustang, Oklahoma, according to Hometown News.

Boyd explains that continuing the sport she loved was something she had to do, especially after battling cancer - she has been in remission for five years, according to the media outlet.

"Staying active is very important to me. I've got a pedometer and my goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day," Boyd told the news source. "I use the Wii, I play tennis, walk; even today I was carrying boxes of food for the food pantry at my church."

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the Doolittle Red Hat Divas senior group is another collection of aging individuals who refuse to slow down as their age increases. They continually go to night clubs and gamble all night long.

It is expected that many aging adults will be keeping up with the activities they have always loved. As the baby boomer generation starts to reach retirement age, they may want to find retirement living communities that can help them maintain their active lifestyles and favorite hobbies.