Is TV shortening your life?

You’ve probably heard many times that watching too much television is not good for your health, but a new study says for every television show you watch, your lifespan actually decreases.

According to, the new research from the University of Queensland in Australia says for every hour spent watching television, your lifespan decreases about 22 minutes.

Another researcher cautioned that while it’s not possible to show that watching television causes people to die earlier, it does prove that excessive time spent in front of the tube can negatively impact your health.

“As a rule, the more time we spend watching TV, the more time we spend eating mindlessly in front of the TV, and the less time we spend being physically active,” David Katz, of Yale University, told the news source.

Katz also said that television doesn’t encourage physical activity, and when people lack physical activity, that can pose many other health risks.

“More eating and less physical activity, in turn, mean greater risk for obesity, and the chronic diseases it tends to anticipate, notably diabetes, heart disease and cancer,” he told the media outlet.

One lesson Boomers and seniors can take from this is when they are looking for a senior living community, be sure to find an assisted living or retirement living community which offers plenty of opportunities for exercise.