Wife of a brain injury patient starts support group for caregivers

Wife of man with brain injury starts caregiver support groupBen Paider was 61-years-old when he suffered from a brain injury after a car accident in 2004, and his wife Lynn has taken care of him since. When she started her new life as a caregiver, she quickly realized that there were no support groups for caregivers or the patients - so she started one , according to the Herald Times Reporter.

Lynn started the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin for other caregivers and individuals suffering from brain injuries can go. She also started an annual walk to benefit her organization.

This year the walk is going to be in memory of Ben, as he died this past year due to a blood clot in his lung. This will be the last year of the walk, but the town decided to start its own Brain Injury Association, the media outlet reports.

According to the AARP, there are currently more than 70 million caregivers across the U.S. that are providing home care for a loved one without receiving compensation. Support groups need to be put in place across the globe so caregivers are able to take care of themselves and also maintain their full-time job.