Can alcohol prevent Alzheimer's?

To help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, studies have shown people should keep a healthy lifestyle which includes moderate exercise, both physical and mental. Everyone from Baby Boomers to residents in assisted living communities can help prevent Alzheimer’s with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and exercise.

Now, a group of researchers from Loyola University have discovered a new way to help stave off Alzheimer’s: alcohol.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the university’s medical school discovered that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, specifically wine, could decrease the odds of getting Alzheimer’s by as much as 23 per cent.

However, don’t start collecting wine just yet, as researchers told the news source that they simply compiled studies since 1977, and because only a few of the previous studies distinguished the types of alcohol.

“We don’t recommend that non-drinkers start drinking,” co-author Edward Neafsey said, according to the news source. “But moderate drinking — if it is truly moderate — can be beneficial.”

Moderate drinking, for most people, is a maximum of one drink per day for women, and two drinks per day for men. The researchers said for people who are already light drinkers, they can continue, but continuing exercise, healthy eating, and regular activities are still the best way to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The lessons for retirement living seniors are clear: healthy living doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your lifestyle.