Seniors find a way to stay active

Seniors keep active into retirementThe Beverly Hospital in Whittier, California, recently put forth a senior aerobics class to ensure that older adults stay active and healthy, according to Whittier Daily News.

The class, which is called Chair Aerobics, is offered to the seniors in the area and aims to help lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and decreases fatigue and depression, the media outlet reports.

"The seniors are so connected with one another. They go for health reasons, but when you're older your life changes, and when these seniors connect they become young again," Belinda Williams, manager of marketing and communications at Beverly Hospital, told the news source. "They become more social and confident, and it does a lot for them just to meet each week."

It isn't just seniors who are seeking out active lifestyles due to health reasons. Baby boomers are also trying to stay active as they reach retirement age. According to the Daily Herald, boomers are starting to understand that by staying active they can diminish the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses that have taken their parents.