Boomers bring technology to retirement

Best apps for baby boomersBaby boomers are expected to change the idea of retirement as the first of the generation starts to turn 65. They are choosing to maintain their active lifestyles by finding retirement living communities that have the activities they enjoy. Boomers will also be changing the game when it comes to technology, as they will be the first wave of tech-savvy retirees. The Street recently released the top iPhone applications for these boomers.

Words With Friends is a great game for the 50-somethings who love Scrabble and aren't always able to find a partner to play with. The Free Golf GPS Range Finder, which calculates the distance from a person and the hole, is perfect for those who are excited about spending time on the course during their golden years. E-trade Mobile Pro can track stocks, give real-time quotes and trade stocks and options, the media outlet reports.

It is not only applications that are now targeting baby boomers, but also computers that are made to be easier to use for the older generation. According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a new touch-screen computer made by Telkin that is currently being tested before hitting the market.