Drop of blood may detect Alzheimer's

Recent health studies have shown the best ways to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease include both physical and mental exercises, healthy eating, being surrounded by friends and loved ones, and not smoking. When seniors follow these major guidelines, their risk levels fall, and they are more likely to enjoy many years of healthy retirement living.

New research from a New Jersey doctor suggests that soon, a test from a single drop of blood will be able to detect Alzheimer’s, even before the onset of any symptoms, according to NorthJersey.com.

Bob Nagele, the researcher who recently published his work in an online journal, told the news source the basic idea of his study is that by applying a stain to the drop of blood, doctors will be able to see which proteins – the Alzheimer’s proteins – don’t belong there.

“We're very fortunate to have had the technology to be able to do this,” Nagele told the media outlet. “It's pure science. We let Mother Nature tell us the story, instead of the other way round.”

With this new research, people across the spectrum, from Baby Boomers to seniors in assisted living communities, may be able to detect the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease earlier than ever before.