Baby boomers need to plan, regardless of how healthy they feel

Baby boomers need to keep health risks in mind when planning for futureIt is no secret that baby boomers are expected to change the game when it comes to retirement. The first wave of the boomers is turning 65 this year but many are not looking to retire like their parents, as they would rather maintain their active lifestyles. However, the large number is starting to run into some health problems, according to Reading Eagle.

"I conferred with one of our nurses and she agrees that we are already seeing the first signs of a lot more of the 60 to 65 younger baby boomers coming into our system in need of care," Kathy Monroe, executive director of the Berks County Office of Aging, told the news source.

Even though these boomers have not considered slowing down, they have quite a few health risks that could get in their way. According to The Street, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, joint problems and Alzheimer's disease can be detrimental to boomers' health. Therefore, it is important that even if they do not want to slow down, they should still plan ahead.