87 year-old former nun to marry in September

There is a saying that love knows no boundaries, and for one couple at an assisted living community, this adage couldn’t be truer.

As reported in the British newspaper the Daily Mail, 87 year-old former nun Elizabeth Tucker, is set to marry Gene Schmidt, age 88. Both live at the Our Lady of Life Retirement Center in St Louis, Missouri.

Elizabeth, who left the convent in the past but never got married, started developing feelings for Schmidt after she suffered a stroke last December. And when the two started spending more time together, she eventually shared her feelings with her friend, and told him she intended to marry him.

“Within a month or two of having the stroke I was walking her out and she told me she was in love,” Gene said, according to the news source. He added that he wasn’t sure Elizabeth, due to her poor health, was going to keep her word, but she is: the couple will marry in September.

Gene, who was previously married, will be turning 89 the day after the wedding.  The timing of their marriage, Gene said, couldn’t be better.

“I wanted to get married before I got old.”