3D Virtual Mock-Ups Make Designing for Senior Living Better Than Ever

When it comes time for designing and choosing a new apartment home or patient room, there are dozens of questions to be answered: What will the space look like? What features do residents want in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom? Will the space be accessible for their needs?

Thanks to 3D modeling, designing and selecting a new apartment home or patient room has never been easier. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a relatively new design tool that is rapidly growing in the construction industry which allows residents to view a three-dimensional layout of their new space. Click through model below.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of 3D modeling is that it gives residents the ability to select everything from the color and style of their cabinets and walls to the texture of their carpet. The modeling system is like a real-world showroom, allowing residents the option to change the look of their cabinets, hardware, color selections and flooring instantly in real time. If you don’t like maple cabinets, simply select the black cabinets and see how they look. Want wood floors instead of tile? No problem! Just click the option. The result of the finished model is a near photo-realistic visual representation of the custom-selected space that ensures residents get the exact finishes and colors they want.

The added benefit of 3D modeling, for both the resident and the developer, is the accuracy and detail it provides when constructing the space. By placing the custom finish selections inside each apartment home, the builder is able to see the finished product before construction begins, resulting in better change management along with less error and re-work when building the residence. To supplement the three-dimensional layouts, a complete room finish schedule and option selection schedule is included on each drawing for construction management and quality assurance purposes.

Virtual mock-ups are an indispensible marketing tool that can be used for numerous purposes within the senior living and healthcare industries, including resident/patient satisfaction, fundraising for new or existing communities, educational opportunities and information requests. This visual media tool is an invaluable method to ensure residents get the exact finishes they have selected, resulting in a satisfied customer and a beautiful space to enjoy retirement living.

To learn more about 3D virtual mock-ups and its benefits, visit a sample virtual design showroom at www.haskell.com/SeniorLivingSolutions.

About the Authors
Bonita Patteson is the Director of Marketing for Haskell Senior Living Solutions (HSLS) and John R. Brendel is the Director of Senior Living for Haskell, the pre-eminent firm to turn to for total facility solutions in healthcare and senior living. More information is available online at www.haskell.com/SeniorLivingSolutions.


1.) Virtual Mock-Up – A virtual mock-up is a digital representation of the proposed design intent for visualization purposes to clarify appearance and quickly analyze any number of design alternatives prior to actual construction. Alternatively, the development of a physical pre-construction mock-up can be much more time consuming and costly depending on the number of design iterations required.

2.) Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Building information modeling is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle using three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to decrease wasted time and resources in building design and construction.