Siblings may come together during caregiving

Siblings may come together while caregivingMany family members may run into a situation where their loved cannot live by themselves anymore due to health reasons. There are many decisions that family members have to make in order to make sure that their aging relative is receiving the proper care they need - whether it's home care, assisted living or transitioning to an independent living community. Siblings may also run into some decisions that they have to make together in order to help their aging parent, according to Erie Times-News.

Many individuals who are taking care of their parents do so in order to keep their loved one in similar surroundings for better health. There is approximately 43 million Americans who take care of a person who is over 50 years of age.

"Even if siblings didn't get along before, it's possible to bond over the care of a parent," Rona Bartelstone, senior vice president of care management at SeniorBridge, a provider of elder care at home said, according to news source. "Focus on the common goal. It is all about your parent."

According to the National Alliance for Caregivers, approximately 80 percent of all caregivers of older Americans are family members including spouses, children, grandchildren and other loved ones.