Miss Alabama Nursing Home Crowned

One assisted living facility has a new beauty pageant winner. Felma Schrimshire, age 100, was recently declared Miss Alabama Nursing Home, selected out of a field of ten finalists, according to the Daily Mail. Schrimshire says her crown is thanks to a lifetime of healthy eating and abstaining from alcohol, but now at her age, she’s relaxing her rules.

“I have always tried to live a clean life. I never did drink. At 100 years old I can eat what I want,” she told the news source.
Hosted by the Alabama Nursing Home Association, the crown was handed over not just based on appearance, but overall glamour.

“She really waved at the audience, saluted all three sections of the audience. She had a very lively presence on stage, and I think that won over the judges and the crowd as well,” John Matson of ANHA, told the media outlet.

Schrimshire, who has lived in Alabama her entire life, is a World War Two veteran, and has traveled extensively across Canada, the United States, and Europe. She won the crown after being questioned by judges for 15 minutes.