New "Red Light Therapy" popular in Los Angeles

New therapy can make the appearance of aging fadeThere has been a new trend in Los Angeles that is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines and make someone look younger. "Red Light Therapy" is the method in which people lie down on a tanning bed for 15 minutes, according to the news channel KABC-TV.

It is nothing something a person can get tan from, and for it to be successful, people need to do it three times a week, according to the news provider.

"My skin just feels a little bit more youthful after I've done it," user Melissa Vandenbrick, told the news source. "I've noticed some lightening of pigmentation spots that I've had. And I had a mole removed where I had a scare and it's significantly reduced the appearance of that as well, so I've been very happy so far with it."

There have been no reported side effects, but individuals have to continue to use it in order for it to work, the media outlet reports.

According to the Calgary Herald, baby boomers have been changing the ideas of retirement living as they continue with their active lifestyles. The idea of "old age" continues to increase, and some boomers may be interested in this as many do not feel like seniors.