Physical activity important for retirement living seniors

Many studies have shown the health and wellness benefits of physical activity for seniors, including those living in retirement living or assisted living communities. Some of the proven benefits of activity include longer life, better attitude, happiness, and fewer age-related diseases.

It was recently reported, however, that a group of researchers suggest it’s not just high-intensity exercise which will help seniors healthy; even the smallest amounts of exercise can make a difference.

“So not just jogging, swimming or biking, but maybe just moving around the house, doing chores, walking outside, may also be important for protection against cognitive impairment,” Laura Middleton, one of the researchers, told

She also told the news source that regular exercise does not necessarily need to be the main focus for seniors wanting to stay healthy. Instead, she said, the most important goal is that seniors should prevent themselves from being inactive.

With people around the world living longer every year, it is important for those individuals wanting to enjoy many years in retirement living to maintain good health.