Caregivers juggling with financial issues in order to look after loved ones

Caregiver's struggling with financial problemsThe AARP recently reported that caregivers are providing their loved one with $450 billion worth of home care in 2009, which is an unprecedented amount, according to the Saramento Bee. This is affecting the many Americans who are starting to take care of their relatives as they are no longer able to pay for this care for their family member.

"If the family caregiver were no longer available, we'd see an immediate rise in nursing home use and rehospitalization," Susan Reinhard, AARP senior vice president for public policy, told the news source. "Being a family caregiver is becoming a fact of life, and it's becoming more complicated because of the increasing demands of healthcare."

According to the New York Times, there are a number of home care workers that are getting paid only minimum wage even after they work over 40 hours a week. Currently, there is legislation being put in to place to change this, but it is important to remember how much money these families are putting into the care as well.