Baby Boomers looking for healthy lifestyles

Millions for Baby Boomers are nearing the age of retirement living, and many will be looking forward to a retirement of relaxation, visiting family members, and travel. And although many Boomers are looking for ways to live healthier lives, it was recently reported that Boomers are not as healthy as they could be.

A new study from the Associated Press and says Baby Boomers are members of the heaviest generation ever recorded, according to Erie Times-News.

One of the reasons for this is longer lifespans, and when people live longer, they tend to neglect many aspects of healthy living, thinking they are already healthy.

"The baby boomer generation saw the rise of the fast food nation, from TV dinners, to fast food restaurants, to chain eateries, and now they are feeling the effects of it just like everyone else," Kim Beers, with the Erie County Department of Health, told the news source.

Many Baby Boomers will find it a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle at middle age, but it is the only way to ensure they can be healthy and happy in retirement living or assisted living.