Study: Enhanced physical activity can boost cognitive abilities

Physical activity can decrease cognitive impairmentMemory loss is one of the most commonly feared effects of aging, and there may be some preventative methods that individuals can take. Recent studies have suggested a link between physical activity and cognitive impairment.

Two separate studies, one in Paris and one in Toronto, have supported this idea, showing that even a small amount exercise - such as a 30-minute walk everyday - can be responsible for a decrease in cognitive impairment. This is only the start of many more studies to come, but it does offer a little hope.

"If confirmed in future studies, physical activity recommendations could yield substantial public health benefits given the growing number of older persons with vascular conditions and their high risk of cognitive impairment." said Dr. Laura Middleton, one of the researchers."We are optimistic that even low-intensity activity of daily living may be protective against incident cognitive impairment."

Preventing diseases that cause cognitive impairment may also be able to help the healthcare industry as whole, especially as aging baby boomers grow in more need of care.