Married baby boomers spend retirement apart

Married baby boomers spending more time apartIt has been reported that baby boomers are expected to change retirement living, and a new common trend has pushed that to another level. According to ABC News, many married boomers are spending more time away from their spouse during these golden years, and individually doing what they want.

"I do think more pursuits will be done separately," Dorian Mintzer, an author of "The Couple's Retirement Puzzle," told the news source. "We're going to see more living together but apart."

The recently retired teacher Susan Ross told the media outlet that retirement has changed because it isn't dependent on what the man wants to do for his senior years. She and her husband are both able to maintain their active lifestyles, but they do not do everything together.

According to AgentGenius, another change when it comes to retirement living is that many baby boomers will not be owning homes in their golden years either. This is most likely do to the fact that these older American will have to pay more to keep homes rather than alternatives.