Boomers see Retirement Living differently than their parents

With an aging population across the world, many Boomers see their retirement on the horizon and are wondering whether they will be living in Assisted Living or Retirement Living communities, and what their Golden Years will look like.

As reported on, a new report from Age Wave, a consulting firm, suggests that American Boomers are looking for very different things during their retirement years than their parents before them.

“What we see in our study is that the boomers are rejecting their parents’ style of retirement. They may feel that it’s too boring for them,†Ken Dychtwald of Age Wave, told the news source.

One of the study’s conclusions is that Boomers are much more likely to see retirement as an active    part of their lives, whereas previous generations saw retirement as a time for slowing down.

Another key finding, according to the news source, is that nearly half of respondents say their homes are still worth less than they were before the recession.

With that in mind, it may be advisable for both Boomers and their aging parents to consider Assisted Living and Retirement Living options.